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This program enables you to automate anything on your desktop
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Macro Expert is one of the most complete automation tools. This program enables you to automate anything on your desktop.
The program provides you with two options to create a macro. Record Macro where you can record your screen actions (keystrokes, mouse moves and clicks) and create a Blank Macro where you can insert predefined actions from a list provided by the program. Also you can edit your recorded macro in case you want to redefine your actions or you want to insert new actions from the Actions List.
The Actions List is the most important part of the program where you can insert complex actions into your macro. Actions where you can run a program on a specific time, call an External DLL, Carry Out Action on Object. Also actions for Internet usage where you can make remote access connections, send e-mails, connect to ftp servers or open/close webpages within a built-in browser. Moreover there are actions that allow you to automatically connect to a database and execute SQL statements.
All the macros can be scheduled to play on a specific time of the day/week/month or can be triggered to run when Windows starts, when a specific user logs onto system or when a system event occurs.

Macro Expert is an easy-to-use automation tool with a great Actions List where you can choose from and create very complex macros to automatically complete you tasks.

Dennis Niels
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  • Very friendly macro editor
  • Rich Actions List


  • Can't use other browsers to open webpages
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